U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. Visits Brotherhood Crusade Youth

U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. Visits Brotherhood Crusade Youth

Hosts Frank Discussion on Racial Profiling and Issues Challenging Young African American and Hispanic Men Today

Los Angeles, CA, Wednesday, October 29, 2014 — A small group of 12 young African American and Hispanic men from the Brotherhood Crusade sat face to face with U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. last week to discuss racial profiling and other critical issues facing their generation.

The forum was to offer a platform for the young men to share their experiences and offer insights into the direction they would like to see take place to improve relations between law enforcement and communities of color. The young men talked about what it was like to be racially profiled and the frustration that comes from being good kids who can’t trust law enforcement that is theoretically there to protect them.

Christopher Hector, age 18 said, “Some kids, like myself, are treated like criminals. We not only have the gang members we have to worry about, but also the law enforcement. Both of them are threatening to our lives as young men of color.”

Holder, who visited the Brotherhood Crusade Youth Source Center as part of his Smart on Crime initiative (aimed to reform the criminal justice system so it operates more fairly and efficiently) responded, “It’s a reality. It’s one that if we don’t confront as a nation we’ll never get to the place where we want to be.”

Holder continued, “It’s good that you shared that with us, but I’m glad you worked your way through it….I’m proud of you. You have the capacity to do great things and I expect that from every one of you.”

Charisse Bremond, CEO of the Brotherhood Crusade said, “It is important for our young men of color to have an opportunity to be heard. Brotherhood Crusade is built on the premise of giving a voice to the underserved and underrepersented young people in our community. Two important things happened here. Our young men had a prestigious and unique opportunity to voice their concerns directly with the top law enforcement executive in the President’s cabinet and secondly, the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Sentinel and other members of the press ran articles about the exchange. For our young people to have this opportunity and then to see themselves in the news in a positive way, makes a significant impact on their self esteem and balances out in the media a more accurate picture of who these young men truly are and what they contribute to our society. (Click here to read the Los Angeles Times article.)

Founded in 1968, the Brotherhood Crusade will celebrate its 46th Annual Bremond-Bakewell Pioneer of African American Achievement Awards Gala on Friday, November 7, 2014 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The event salutes pioneering African Americans who have established new benchmarks for success and achievement. This year’s honoree is comedian, actor and philanthropist Cedric The Entertainer.

The incomparable Grammy-nominated artist Brian McKnight will perform. Click here or visit www.brotherhoodcrusade.org for more information.

To obtain media interview opportunities with leaders from the Brotherhood Crusade or secure press credentials for the awards gala, contact Jeanine Taylor at Jeanine@jcec.com.


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