The Inaugural Cedric “The Entertainer” Celebrity Golf Classic: a Summer Success!

The Inaugural Cedric “The Entertainer” Celebrity Golf Classic: a Summer Success!

Camarillo, CA – Cedric “The Entertainer” was pleased to announce the launch of The Inaugural Cedric “The Entertainer” Celebrity Golf Classic on Monday August 12 at the world class Spanish Hills Country Club in Camarillo. This charity fundraiser benefited The Kyles Family Foundation, The Brotherhood Crusade of Los Angeles and The Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo in their support to providing invaluable services and programs aiding youth and their families. 

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Guests included: Cedric “The Entertainer”, Don Cheadle, Barry Bonds, Rick Fox, Dondre Whitfield, Duane Martin, Dr. J, Flex Alexander, Jerry Rice, Salli Richardson, Willie Gault, Eric Dickerson, Ronnie Lott, Rodney Peete, Michael Finley, Al Joyner, Bobby Grich, David Justice, Ed Moses, Jim Plunkett, Kathleen Bradley, Marcus Allen, Pete Shaw, Richard Dent, Vince Coleman, Willie Buchanon, Jason Seymour, and many more! 

Cedric’s universal appeal, versatility and tremendous career successes spanning television, live performances, and film have solidified his standing as one of the premier entertainers in the world. As a philanthropist, his tireless and long-standing commitment to “Using Laughter To Build Character” has changed the lives of countless young people nationwide. 

The Inaugural Celebrity Golf Classic teed off at 10am, after breakfast and a putting contest. Cedric “The Entertainer” and his 200+ guests enjoyed the spectacular views of the Topa Topa Mountains, surrounding countryside and the Pacific Ocean as they took on the championship golf course. 

Duane Martin. Dondre Whitfield. Jerry Rice. Flex Alexander. Kathleen Bradley. #CedricGolf photo golfing_zps17666b5a.jpg

One of the most highly acclaimed courses in California allowed for a friendly, intimate golf experience, raising funds for worthy causes. Sponsors were present around all holes, including:Xerox, Mattel, Brand Jordan, Nestle, and Ketel One. Other fantastic sponsors included: Who Ced Hats, BMW, Ludacris Ear Buds, Cigars L’Atelier, Crown Royal, Canteen Vending, California Private Lending, Red Stripe, Guinness Beer, Simi Valley Ford, Wiki Wiki Shave Ice, and Abe the Jeweler. 

As a thank you to the various celebrities attending the event, GBK created their renowned thank you lounge. Guests received a variety of items, including: phenomenal luxury headsets by Sir Ike Audio, Spanx, Inc., 2K, Fit 365, and Milena’s Candles, amongst others. 

Ed Moses and Cedric "The Entertainer" with Sir Ike Audio. Julius "Dr J" Erving. Bread Basket Cake Co. Rodney Peete. #CedricGolf photo DjJandcakegroup_zpsf2099ef7.jpg

The beautiful Spanish style clubhouse hosted a cocktail reception and awards ceremony following the tournament. A true highlight of the evening was the silent and live auction, which raised $25.000 for the causes. Items included a Master’s jacket, signed by the Masters winners, raising $6.000. A package to play in a foursome with NFL Players Eric Dickerson and Marcus Allen at Sherwood Country Club was also auctioned off. The Kyles Family Foundation (KFF) , The Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo and The Brotherhood Crusade were each presented with a $10.000 check and US bank made a pledge of $5.000. With the support of sponsors and celebrities, the event raised a substantial amount towards the worthy causes. 

The Kyles Family Foundation. The Brotherhood Crusade of Los Angeles. The Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo. #CedricGolf photo checkscharity_zpsf77d02aa.jpg

Guests and celebrities in attendance thoroughly enjoyed their time on the course, and at the clubhouse. Cedric “The Entertainer” allowed guests to be inspired to become great citizens of the world, affecting the lives of so many others. As Cedric would say: “Laughter is a great tool; let’s put it to work.” 

Dondre Whitfield and Salli Richardson. Willie Gault. David Justice. Al Joyner. Marcus Allen. #CedricGolf photo Dondreandgroup_zps98a72f50.jpg

The Kyles Family Foundation (KFF) is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization, founded in 2009. The foundation was established for “the purpose of teaching life skills, such as healthy eating, physical education, and academics to urban youth throughout the nation — To build confidence and self-esteem enabling them to navigate through life with a sense of purpose.” Through mentoring programs, strategic alliances and community outings, KFF will introduce our underserved “at risk” youth to invaluable life lessons and experiences. Topics and workshops include personal hygiene, exercise classes, beauty treatments, and some pampering — All relative to building confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, Etiquette Training Workshops centering on table settings, dining etiquette, and the value of nutritionally balanced meals are offered through KFF. 

The Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo provides programs for young people between the ages of six and eighteen that will inspire them to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, caring citizens. Their vision is to aspire to serve the youth and community by developing strong future leaders, instilling integrity, honesty, respect and foresight, and providing a fun and safe environment for all who walk through their doors. The Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo serves over 3,000 youth in Ventura County, offering a positive place for kids in those crucial after-school hours. The club is considered a second home and provides professional staff members that offer guidance and leadership as positive role models. For more information: 

The Brotherhood Crusade is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit institution founded in 1968 to provide necessary resources, program services and a voice of advocacy to traditionally underserved communities. Its mission is to remove and/or help individuals overcome the barriers that deter their pursuit of success and facilitate opportunities for a better quality of life, by promoting health and wellness, enhancing educational opportunities, cultivating economic growth and building community agencies and institutions. For more information: 



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